Do Hershey chocolate bars go bad? (Yummy Tips)

Do Hershey chocolate bars go bad? It’s a question that’s been on the tip of many a chocolate lover’s tongue, especially when confronted with the tantalizing sight of a forgotten bar, hidden like buried treasure at the back of the pantry. 

Ah, the delightful allure of that rich cocoa goodness! But wait! What’s that mysterious white film? Has the creamy texture taken a grainy turn? And just how long has it been serenading the canned beans and pasta sauce? 

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Dive into a chocolatey exploration as we unwrap the shelf life, signs of spoilage, and the sweet mysteries behind that best-by date. After all, it’s more than just a treat; it’s an expedition into the delectable world of Hershey’s!

Do Hershey chocolate bars go bad?

Yes, Hershey chocolate bars can go bad. While chocolate has a long shelf life, it doesn’t last indefinitely.

Hershey chocolate bars, like other chocolates, have a “best before” or “use by” date, which is an indicator of optimal quality rather than safety. Over time, chocolate can undergo changes in texture and appearance. 

Does Hershey’s chocolate bars expire? 

For example, you might notice a white or grayish film on the chocolate’s surface; this is called “bloom.” Bloom can be either fat bloom, caused by changes in the fat crystals in the chocolate, or sugar bloom, resulting from the moisture. Both types of bloom can change the chocolate’s texture, making it crumbly.

While bloomed chocolate may not look appealing, it’s typically safe to eat. However, if the chocolate smells rancid or has mold, it should be discarded.

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Do Hershey chocolate bars go bad
Do Hershey chocolate bars go bad?

Can you eat expired Hershey bars?

Yes, you can often eat Hershey bars past their expiration date. The “best before” date indicates peak quality, not safety. However, it’s essential to check the bar for other spoilage signs.

Over time, chocolate can develop a phenomenon known as “bloom,” which appears as a white or grayish film on the chocolate’s surface. This happens due to fat or sugar crystals rising to the surface and doesn’t indicate spoilage. While the texture might be slightly altered, it’s still safe to consume.

However, if a Hershey bar smells off, appears moldy, or has been exposed to extreme conditions (like excessive moisture), it’s best to err on the side of caution and discard it. Chocolate, especially when stored improperly, can absorb surrounding odors, which can impact taste and safety.

From a health perspective, consuming a Hershey bar that’s slightly past its expiration date is generally safe. But if the chocolate has been stored in unfavorable conditions or shows any signs of spoilage, there might be health concerns.

Hershey bars expire date
Hershey bars expire date

Spoilage Signals: How do you know if a Hershey bar is bad?

Understanding whether a Hershey bar or indeed any chocolate, has gone bad is important not just for the sake of taste but for safety as well. Below, we delve deeper into the telltale signs of chocolate spoilage:


“Bloom” is an indication that the chocolate has undergone some changes in its storage environment, although it doesn’t mean the chocolate is inedible.

Fat Bloom: If the chocolate has been exposed to temperature fluctuations, the cocoa butter can separate, causing a whitish, chalky appearance.

Sugar Bloom: Humidity or moisture exposure can dissolve sugar in the chocolate. When it evaporates, sugar crystals remain on the surface, giving a grainy, white appearance. Blooming affects the mouthfeel, making the chocolate less smooth when eaten but doesn’t make it harmful.


Good chocolate should have a rich, cocoa aroma. Any deviation, especially a stale or sour smell, suggests the chocolate might be off. Keep in mind, that chocolates can absorb odors from other foods if not stored properly, which can be mistaken for spoilage.


Although rare, moldy chocolate is a definite no-go. Mold can develop if chocolate is stored in a moist environment. Check for unusual, fuzzy spots or irregular patterns of discoloration.


High-quality chocolate should have a smooth, even texture. If it’s sticky, overly hard, or has an unusual consistency, consider it a warning sign, especially if combined with other spoilage indicators.


An initial visual and olfactory inspection might not reveal everything. If you’re uncertain, take a tiny bite. A sharp, sour, or simply “off” flavor suggests that the chocolate might not be in its best state.


Apart from bloom, be on the lookout for any peculiar discolorations. Dark spots, or any greenish or bluish hues, could be indicative of spoilage or bacterial growth.


Chocolate’s first line of defense is its packaging. If it’s compromised with holes, or unexpected air bubbles, or if the seal appears tampered with, contaminants might have found their way in.

Presence of Pests

Tiny holes or tunnels in the chocolate might indicate the presence of pests. Some pests, like pantry moths or beetles, can infest stored foods, including chocolate.

In conclusion, while chocolate is a resilient treat with a notably long shelf life, it’s susceptible to environmental factors. Keeping chocolate in optimal conditions will maximize its longevity. But always remember: when in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of caution. If you suspect your chocolate might have spoiled, it’s best to discard it.

Hershey bar Spoilage-Signals
Hershey Bar Spoilage-Signals

Hershey Chocolate: Storage

Proper storage of Hershey chocolate, or any chocolate for that matter, is essential to maintain its quality, taste, and texture. Here’s a comprehensive guide to storing Hershey chocolate:

Ideal Conditions

There are a few conditions for ideal storage of Hershey chocolates. 

Temperature: Store chocolate at a cool room temperature, ideally between 60-70°F (15-21°C). Extreme temperatures can cause blooming.

Humidity: Aim for a low-humidity environment. High humidity can lead to sugar bloom as the moisture interacts with the sugar in the chocolate.

Darkness: It’s best to store chocolate in a dark place, as direct exposure to sunlight or artificial light can degrade the quality and potentially affect the taste.


Packaging tips are very important in order to keep your Hershey products fresh.

Original Packaging: If unopened, it’s best to keep Hershey chocolate in its original packaging.

Airtight Containers: Once opened, transfer any leftover chocolate to an airtight container. This prevents moisture ingress and protects the chocolate from strong odors, as chocolate can absorb smells from its surroundings.

Aluminum Foil or Plastic Wrap: If you don’t have an airtight container, wrap the chocolate tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Purchase heat seal bags now.

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Long-term Storage

Long-term storage can be very helpful, especially during vacation or other times when you can’t be at home.

Refrigeration: If you live in a hot or humid environment or want to store chocolate for more than a few months, you can refrigerate it. However, ensure the chocolate is in an airtight container or tightly wrapped to prevent moisture and odors. Before consuming, allow the chocolate to come to room temperature to enjoy its full flavor and texture.

Freezing: For even longer storage, Hershey chocolate can be frozen. Again, make sure it’s well-wrapped or in an airtight container. When ready to consume, transfer the chocolate to the refrigerator for 24 hours and then let it reach room temperature.

Special Notes

Last but not least, these topics are important as above. Do not skip without reading them.

White Chocolate: Due to its different composition, white chocolate is more sensitive to light and heat. Extra care should be taken to store it away from light and in cooler conditions.

Avoid Repeated Temperature Fluctuations: Try to avoid moving chocolate between different temperatures frequently, as this increases the chances of bloom.

Odor Absorption: Chocolate has a tendency to absorb strong odors, so always store it away from strong-smelling foods.

In conclusion, while Hershey chocolate is designed to be resilient and long-lasting, proper storage can help ensure each bite is as delicious as intended. Whether you’re savoring it immediately or saving some for later, these storage tips will help maintain the quality of your Hershey treat.

Hershey’s chocolate in the USA is especially popular during Halloween times of the year. If you are going to expose your old Halloween candy and sweet stock, you may want to check if they are still fresh. Get to know more information about their expiry dates below.

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Hershey Chocolate: Storage
Hershey Chocolate: Storage

Frequently Asked Questions About Do Hershey Chocolate Bars Go Bad

Hershey chocolate bars, like all chocolates, have a shelf life but often remain safe to eat past their “best before” date. Over time, they might show signs of “bloom,” a whitish coating caused by sugar or fat crystallization, which doesn’t indicate spoilage. However, if the bar has an off odor, mold, or an unusual texture, it’s best to discard it. Proper storage in a cool, dry place extends the chocolate’s quality and longevity.

Is it OK to eat out of date chocolate?

Eating out-of-date chocolate is generally safe, but its flavor and texture might be compromised. Always inspect the chocolate for signs of spoilage like mold or an off smell before consumption. If stored improperly or showing signs of deterioration, it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid eating it.

Can Hershey’s chocolate bars expire?

Yes, they can, but they often remain edible past their expiration date. It’s essential to check for signs of spoilage like an off odor, unusual texture, or mold, ensuring the chocolate is safe to consume.

What causes white film on chocolate?

The white film is called “bloom” caused by changes in the fat or sugar crystals due to temperature fluctuations or moisture. While it alters the chocolate’s texture and appearance, it’s still safe to eat.

How should I store my Hershey chocolate bars?

Store in cool and dry places, away from sunlight, and damp and wet areas. The ideal temperature is 60-70°F (15-21°C). For long-term storage, consider using a refrigerator or freezer, ensuring the chocolate is well-wrapped or in an airtight container.

Is it safe to eat Hershey chocolate with bloom?

Absolutely. Bloom is a result of fat or sugar crystals rising to the surface and doesn’t indicate spoilage. The taste remains unaffected, although the texture may be slightly different.

What’s the difference between expiration and best by date on chocolate?

The “best by” date indicates when the chocolate will be at its peak quality, while an expiration date can denote the safety limit. Hershey chocolate bars are often still safe to eat after the “best by” date, provided there are no signs of spoilage.

How do temperature and humidity affect Hershey chocolate?

These factors can lead to bloom and impact the chocolate’s texture and appearance. High temperatures can cause melting, while high humidity can lead to sugar bloom. Keeping chocolate in a stable, cool, and dry environment helps maintain its quality.

Can Hershey bars absorb odors from other foods?

Yes, chocolate can absorb odors, which may affect its flavor. It’s best to store Hershey bars in a sealed container to protect them from external odors.

Can mold grow on Hershey chocolate bars?

It’s rare but possible, especially if the chocolate is exposed to moisture. Always check for unusual colors or fuzzy spots on the chocolate, and if you find mold, it’s best to discard the bar.

How to tell if my Hershey’s chocolate bar has gone bad?

Check for signs like an off smell, unusual texture, mold, or an unpleasant taste. If the chocolate exhibits any of these signs, it’s safer to discard it.

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