Onur Parlak

Onur Parlak is the main author of gobadam.com, an online platform that researches and explains the lifespan, expiration dates, and storage conditions of various products from food and beverage to electronics.

With a background in product quality assurance and food safety management, Onur is well-equipped to provide insight into these issues.

Onur holds a Food Science and Technology degree and has significant professional experience working in quality control for a number of industry-leading companies. He has a deep knowledge of the intricate details of product development, production processes, and product storage.

Over the years, Onur has made it its mission to inform and educate the public about the importance of product quality, storage conditions, and expiration dates, and has used its extensive knowledge to provide in-depth, scientifically accurate, and easy-to-understand articles.

He is committed to rigorous research by maintaining a consistent dialogue with his professional colleagues and staying up to date with current scientific work. This commitment ensures that the recommendations Onur shares are not only based on his own expertise and experience but are also backed by the latest scientific consensus.